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 Hello all. Some may know me, Some may not. But for everyone,… - Fit Furs [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Fit and Furry!

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[Jan. 26th, 2008|11:42 pm]
Fit and Furry!
 Hello all.

Some may know me, Some may not. But for everyone, Hello all the same.

I am 22 years old. I weight about 71kg. Have bit of a belly which is slowly going.
Have been going to the gym now in my area almost every night of the week which has :

- Half 'n' hour on Tredmil. Hill and Random mode for warm up.
- "The Fly" weight machine. 22kg - 40 reps. 30kg - 20 reps. 45kg - 5 reps.
- 20 Push up's
- 10 Chin ups (With 10kg weight belt)
- Bike machine for another half'n'hour.
- And lastly on the bar weights : 45kg - 10 reps.

I've had a head start in weights, due to outside manaul laybor for about 5 years.

As for diet. I've chnaged it alot shince I started at the gym. More veg and fruit, Willing to try new things (Such as having cucumber for lunch with grapes) I uset to just eat anything and everything that was put on my plate, along with alot of snacks, sitting around doing nothing on my ass. Also stopped drinking Beer, Did have one can or one bottle each night... But slowly thought that it wasnt just effecting my belly. So I've stopped with the beer and switched for more water (But at times, I cant cope with water so I tend to add some dilate-juice)

Pills wise, Nothing other than Cod-liver oil. Cant really be bothered with all these Vitamins and other stuff.


That was bit of a long winded hello to all! Do'h!

[User Picture]From: rabidrick
2008-02-22 01:47 pm (UTC)

Yeah, the beer does add a lot of empty calories -- I stopped drinking completely and it's definitely helped a lot.

What are you doing on the treadmill?

The KG measurements are throwing me off >.< but still sounds like you're doing good. Keep it up!
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