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Fit Furs

Furries keeping fit and healthy in the UK

Fit and Furry!
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Hello and welcome to FitFurs!

We are a UK based excersize and eat healthy community for furries and those alike. Here we are able to share our excersize routines daily, weekly or monthly to help encourage each other to lose weight or just keep fit and healthy. We also share healthy recipies with each other, set reasonable goals and targets for ourselves to reach and just generally give (non-medical) advice, encouragement and support to each other.

In the future, when we have more members, we hope to be able arrange meet-ups in designated area's of the UK where a member from each area can arrange walks and other such fitness activities - maybe even fursuit walks!

- Do not insult, make fun of, or be rude to other members
- We will not tollerate promotion of starvation, bulimia, or food deprovation in any way
- Trolls, furry bashers and other such stirers are not welcome

Anyone found to be abusing these rules will be banned

Things To Do
- Let us know who you are and if you feel comfortable, tell us your goals
- Bare in mind we are not just about losing weight, but also toning up and keeping fit
- Feel free to post pictures (behind a cut) of how you're getting on
- You can help encourage others by commenting on their progress
- Share some healthy recipies that you know

If you are making some serious lifestyle changes, please be sure to consult your doctor before hand. We are not medical experts and therefore cannot give you any medical advice - we are just here to give encouragement and friendly support for your own goals.